Add Flair, Detail and Depth to your Photos with Metallic Prints

metallic prints

What are Metallic Prints?

Metallic photos are created by using a special type of bonded or laminated paper. This process is among the latest and best that photographic development has to offer. The end result is a remarkable picture possessing a rich sheen and deep clarity, a vivid quality unmatched by other means and sure to amaze you. It is perfect for a wide array of content, whether it be portraits, special events, close-ups, sports and action, animals, or photo art.

When you want your subject matter to truly stand out, metallic prints will give you a photo unlike any other.

Traditional Photo Papers vs Metallic

What’s the difference between a metallic print and one with a matte, luster, or glossy finish? The matte photo is duller and is used to reduce glare if a photo is meant to be framed. This is also generally the option for smaller photos that are expected to be handled a lot, because fingerprints are less likely to show. A glossy photo is just that, one with a high gloss look. It also reveals detail better than a matte or a luster photo which has a more subtle shine to it than the high gloss print. A luster finish is usually used on portraits.

Metallic photos, however, are developed on laminated paper that produces a kind of iridescent sheen or metallic quality. A much sharper image is created, one with more life-like depth and magnificent detail. Plus the toughness of the laminated layers results in a print that is less likely to tear.

Where to get Metallic prints?

Not a lot of local photolabs have the equipment to produce quality metallic prints like the professional NPL. An easy way to obtain them is to order from online photolabs.

As for the brand of paper, most specialty photolabs swear by Kodak Endura Metallic Photo Paper. Inkpress Metallic, Fuji Metallic and Pictorico PRO Opalescent Photo Paper are two other professional quality brands of metallic paper that can be purchased online.

Endura is guaranteed to give you photos that will last a lifetime and beyond without signs of aging. Not only will they be there for you to enjoy through the years, but will make beautiful heirlooms for future generations to treasure.

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